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2) Login to your account.

3) Click Post Ad.

4) Select Category.

5) Fill the Form

6) Submit a Free Ad .

A good Ad attracts buyers for you. It has to be crisp & must contain all the necessary information.

Appropriate category:
Choose an appropriate category for the item or service you are offering. The category may get changed automatically if not found suitable.

Correct Price:
The price should correspond to the market pricing and reflect the actual product condition.

Detailed description:
Provide all relevant details
How long has it been used?
What condition is it in?
Are there any additional accessories included?
The condition, make and design, quality, purchase date, missing pieces, color, ownership and similar details can be added here.
Usually, about 3-4 sentences of quality information will be enough. Minimum 20 characters are required and a maximum of 4096 can be written.

Clear Photos:
Ads with photos significantly attract users

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